Silken Photography by Peta Thames







Peta Thames

Silken Photography by Peta Thames

Brisbane, QLD


The world is beautiful. This is my way of sharing it.

Welcome to the world of Silken Photography. As an avid traveller it's been my joy to photograph the many and varied wonders of the world. I've been stunned by the landscapes that nature has sculpted, and almost died of cute from animals I've seen, and I love sharing those experiences through photography. From my starting point of landscapes and wildlife, I've been exploring natural abstracts and the beauty in the lines and patterns in nature.

I also keep an eye out for beauty in cities, capturing striking lines that frame the streets that so many of us must live (by choice or not!).

If you choose to bring one of my images into your home, or gift it to a loved one, I'm honoured, and I hope it brings the much pleasure for many years to come.

If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Full Moon Fireworks


Shorncliffe Pier Supports


Dawn Cloudscape in Monochrome


Moonlit Sea


Dawn Cloud Abstract


The Amphitheatre


Sunrise at Boolimba Bluff


Carnarvon Sunburst


Amphitheatre Approach


Over the Canyon


Ocean Lightning


Goodnight Sweet Pier


Citycat Under Story Bridge


After the Storm


Gliding on Gold


Black Kite Hunting


Swallow Lookout


Night Meets Day


Glittering Christmas


Sugar Cane in Far North Queensland


Pier Before Dawn


Mass of Maple


Pink Home Run Rose


Low Sun over Moreton Island


Dusk over Mount Solitary